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The ACM Rome Tor Vergata is an ACM Student Chapter. Our mission is to lead and promote sinergies between academia and industry
in the advancement of computer science.
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Take full advantage of your acm.org email account

One of the main ACM membership benefit is the @acm.org email account. Every ACM member has its own.

Your official ACM email account is really prestigious. Let’s take full advantage of it!

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Provisioning with Git and Vagrant

After a quick introduction to git basics, Alessandro will talk about using Vagrant in order to create virtualized and reproducible development environments.

Then will cover using Ansible for more advanced provisioning, “can’t reproduce it on my machine” won’t be an option anymore!

We will then watch these tools in action with a PHP example.

Provisioning with Git and Vagrant

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Computer science is an astonishing world that goes faster and faster every day. We study not to be spectators nor to chase it. We study because we dream of driving it.

- Giacomo Marciani, Chair

University of Rome Tor Vergata